Ignite Your Relationship

psychological coaching

Elizabeth Sullivan, LMFT

Elizabeth is a skillful licensed psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples who want to connect and communicate better. Remember who you are and/or who you are as a couple with Elizabeth, and get back on the path to a fuller, happier life. 

Because Elizabeth holds a CA psychotherapy license she sees clients in her San Francisco office and can also offer phone sessions for CA residents outside the Bay Area. She cannot, however, offer phone sessions to potential clients outside of the state of CA.

Expert Career Counselor

Dr Colleen Campbell

Founder and CEO of the Ignite Your Potential Center.

Dr Colleen Campbell helps individuals process past relationships, understand patterns that may have emerged, and consider what compatibility really means. If you’ve ever wanted a way to learn more about how you do relationships and how you can feel more empowered within connection.  If you’re attempting to make a decision in your relationship or you want to make improvements on a current bond then relationship coaching with Dr Campbell is for you.