Meet Christine!

Are you ready to take the next steps in your life but are not sure where to start? Would you like to develop confidence and express exactly who you are to the world? Christine’s real-world experience working with professionals from all walks of life — artists, tech experts, executives, business owners, office workers and teachers — has proven two things: Work is a PART of our lives, and needs to fit into a holistic view of what we want for ourselves. And, it is never too early – or too late! – to create a work/life that is right for YOU.

Dr. Brooks helps you tap directly in to your natural talents and style to work and live from a place of passion and engagement. She offers complimentary 25-minute appointments.

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Christine helps clients shift from stuck to thriving and accelerate into a new phase of work/life.

From supporting you in self-discovery to creating strategies for finding your optimal professional or personal path, Christine uses proven methods in emotional & social intelligence to help you thrive in work and life. Dr. Brooks does her work with clients through Skype.

With over three decades of experience as a coach, educator, artist and advocate, Christine has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to work and live in flow and integrity.

Like you, life and career coach, Dr. Christine Brooks has heard the term work-life balance overused, undervalued and misunderstood. We are all told to believe that balance is possible. But then we find ourselves in jobs that ask too much of us, or do not feel aligned with our values, creativity and personal mission. Working and living out of balance is a formula for toppling into self-doubt, dreading going to work, struggling to lead effectively, and lagging in productivity.

What we know now about success in work/life is that it takes more than intellect and drive to make it: it takes emotional and social intelligence, including the ability to be present, communicate clearly and with empathy, and clarity of vision. The world is so full of options that, sometimes, it can become overwhelming to pick a path. Using proven methods such as the Enneagram and life design techniques to create optimal change strategies, Christine helps clients shift from stuck to thriving and accelerate into a new phase of work/life. 

Along with her coaching and group training practice, Christine also teaches psychology and expressive arts therapy to graduate students in San Francisco. Her expertise in creative change processes fuels discovery and action in each coaching session to help you unlock unique ideas, harness your innate intuition and craft an authentic narrative of living work/life out loud and on purpose.

Before earning a doctorate in clinical psychology, Christine led an eclectic professional life working in the film industry, book publishing, early internet start-ups and owning a retail business. Her work/life proves that recreating what work means at any stage of life is always an option. An avid believer in an active work/life, Christine also serves on the board of a nonprofit and can be found exploring hiking trails and food trucks anywhere she travels.

Christine has clients all over the country and is happy to coordinate across time zones to fit with your schedule.