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Our Los Angeles Career Coaches have years of experience helping people discover their strengths in order to capitalize on them. Explore each one of our coaches unique offerings below and be matched with the one that’s right for you.

Meet Our LA Career Coaches

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Shannon Philip, MS

Do you know what motivates and energizes you? Do you have a clear sense of what you need from your work and work environments to truly thrive? Through a strengths-based process of coaching, I will help you to gain clarity on your unique strengths, values, and intrinsic motivations. Armed with this new knowledge, we will work together to explore career paths that would be the best fit for you, and create a strategy that will move you confidently toward achieving your career and life goals. Available for phone, Zoom, Skype, or in our LA office.

Meike Hennon

Do feel that it’s time to make a change in your career but the steps to success are unclear? ​Meike helps her clients ​identify and own their strengths​ ​so that they can powerfully navigate any transition​.​ ​​By cultivating your self-awareness, strengthening your belief in yourself and helping you know your operating system, she is the coach who will help you find the ​best fit career, ​to ​help​ you accelerate within your career, and meet personal goals with confidence. Available for phone, Zoom, Skype, or in our LA office.

la career coach

Lynne Bernstein, CPCC, ACC

Do you find that you are spending the greatest portion of your days unfulfilled & disconnected from your best self?  Do you want a greater sense of aliveness and more success in your professional pursuits?  Do you want to find the dream job or maybe change careers? Lynne has 20+ years experience as a VP in Human Resources and has supported many people in their professional and leadership development, career explorations and transitions, and she can help you too. Available for phone, Zoom, Skype, Lynne is located in LA.

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