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Five Traits of Superior Leadership

People look up to leaders. People seek out leaders and leadership, especially in times of crisis. But leadership is not about power, privilege, or ego. There are traits of leadership that can make you a better leader.

Here are five must-have traits  if you hope to be an excellent leader in both your personal and professional life.

1: Integrity

noun in·teg·ri·ty | \ in-ˈte-grə-tē \

1: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values: INCORRUPTIBILITY
2: an unimpaired condition: SOUNDNESS
3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided: COMPLETENESS

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Six Ways to Find More Meaning in Your Work

Too many people give up on finding meaning and fulfillment in their careers.

For most, the purpose must be built, not found. Working with a sense of purpose takes thoughtfulness and practice.

If you want to find more meaning in your work, keep reading.

emotional intelligence

1. Build knowledge about what you do.

It takes work to build knowledge. Regularly read industry news, commentary, and studies. Go beyond the prominent outlets. Do your research and uncover independent and lesser-known organizations that support your enterprise.

A few ways to accomplish this:

  • Follow journalists and outlets on Twitter.
  • Set-up Google alerts.
  • Network with like-minded people on Linkedin.

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22 resources for freelancers

22 Resources For Freelancers

Coronavirus-related layoffs have expanded roles for freelancers. With offices closed, employees furloughed and an unclear future for in-office work, freelancers will play a growing and important role in the post-COVID-19 economy.

Whether you’ve been freelancing for years, or you’re just starting out, there are a plethora of resources available to help you succeed. In today’s post, we outline 22 freelancers’ resources that will help you thrive in today’s world.

Our Great List of Freelancer Resources

Smiling woman after reviewing the 22 freelancer resources


1: Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is a job board for designers, developers, and creative pros. This job board allows you to search for full-time, freelance, and remote jobs. Recent grads, you can also find internship opportunities here!

Follow them on Twitter to see their latest job postings in real-time: @authenticjobs

2: CloudPeeps

CloudPeeps is a member-driven community of trusted freelancers. You’ll find a variety of opportunities in marketing, content, growth-hacking, and community-building.

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